This week Steve has a warning, some words of encouragement, a parenting hack, and a hilarious Dad Joke in his Daddy Tips.

This week’s first Daddy Tip is more of a warning. A warning that at some point in a toddler’s life they will start to ask why. They will ask why when you tell them to do anything. Charlotte, don’t drink the bathwater. (Why?) Because there is soap in it and it’s not good for you. (Why?) Because it could make you sick. (Why?) Because humans shouldn’t eat soap. (Why?) Because it’s bad for you. (Why?) Because… just because.

The next Daddy Tip are just some nice words of encouragement for parents of a newborn. If you have had a rough day, week, or month, it does get better. Your baby will start sleeping better, or eating better, or finally get past the teething phase. There might be days where you go backwards, but for the most part, everything slowly gets better. But, also beware that once everything does get better, they become a toddler and you have to start all over.

And the final Daddy Tip of the week is how to use the game hide and seek to get some free time. Every kid loves hide and seek and it is the perfect game you can use to get some time away from your little one to do some work on your phone or even feed your baby. First, you actually have to play the game for real for a little bit so hide in easy spots so your kid can find you quickly and then find your kid as quick as you can too. Then, after they think you are playing for real, tell them to go hide and then just don’t look for them. Usually you get about 5-10 minutes before they start to figure out you’re not coming.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: What did Tennessee?
A: The Same thing as Arkansas

Listen to the entire segment below:

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