Wanna go search for Pokémon Go Creatures but don’t really want to walk so much?  Don’t worry, I’ve found a solution; your Pokémon Go Uber Driver... which might be one of the most ingenious business plays ever!

A local Uber driver has put an ad on Craigslist offering to drive you around for $10 an hour, as you search for different monsters. Boasting you can get the monsters from the passenger seat of your “highly rated Uber driver.”  The driver even offers up a discount.  If you bring along a friend or two, the price drops to $5 an hour per passenger.  This driver is encouraging you to not walk, and strengthen friendships!

That’s not all though, the "highly rated Uber driver" will also provide free water during your hunt. If keeping your phone charged is a concern, they’ve also got plenty of charging capabilities,

“Bring your chargers so you can stay out longer. I have a charging port available as well as a portable charger you can use to keep your phone going as long as you need it!”

If you’re going to Uber during your Pokémon Go hunt, just make sure you know how long you want to go out and have the cash ready to go!  And of course, good luck!!


Get in touch with the Uber Driver HERE