Hey, boozehounds!  Your wildest dream is about to come true!  According to researchers, synthetic alcohol that doesn't cause hangovers or liver damage could be a reality in just 5 years time.

Professor David Nutt and his associate, David Orren, have claimed to have developed the synthetic alcohol and once approved by the government could change drinking forever.  Almost 40 years ago Professor Nutt was working on an antidote to alcohol for his PhD, but could never quite get it to work.  But, during that process, he discovered a synthetic form of alcohol that he calls "alcosynth".

This alcohol substitute does magical things in your body and will only attach itself to the receptors that give you the alcohol "buzz", but won't attach itself to the receptors that cause hangovers.  It also is said to not have alcohol's toxic properties, therefore you wouldn't get any liver damage from drinking.  Magic!  Or science, we don't know.  But you can read more about this new synthetic alcohol here.

Would you trust this new synthetic alcohol if it is approved or will you stick to your old fashioned hangover booze?