When it comes to what goes in between your bread, mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, and tomato is EXTREMELY important, we know! We love sandwiches too!! haha So, Deadspin decided to make a list of the top 24 lunch meats. Why, we don't know. However, we're extremely excited that they did because frankly we wouldn't eat anything that is not in the top 10.

VIA Deadspin.com:

24. Bologna
23. Head cheese
22. Swiss cheese
18. (tie) Olive loaf
18. (tie) Pickle-and-pimento loaf
18. (tie) Dutch loaf
18. (tie) Chicken loaf
17. Sopressata
16. Chicken breast
15. Boiled ham
14. Genoa salami
13. Smoked turkey
12. Turkey
11. Liverwurst
10. Braunschweiger
9. Hard salami
8. Virginia baked ham
7. Imported ham
6. Tongue
5. Mortadella
4. Smoked ham
3. Rare roast beef
2. Capicola
1. Prosciutto

You may be looking and saying "HEY, where's the steak". There's a disclaimer with some meats saying they account as a "hot meal meat" and cannot be ranked....because, well the other meats would find it unfair.