Doughnut lovers can get some of the best glazed donuts on the planet for free courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

All you have to do is show up to your local Krispy Kreme on or before September 5th and show your COVID vaccination card and you'll get 2 Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts.  The deal includes one of their original glazed doughnut and one of their "original glazed heart doughnuts."

You can redeem this offer each day now through the 5th and then from September 6th through the end of the year, you can show your vaccination card to get a single original glazed doughnut.

You only need one dose of the COVID vaccination to qualify for the offer and it has to be your vaccination card, so you can't just show up with a buddy's card.  You'll need to show your ID and you vaccination card in person at the store to redeem the offer.

Krispy Kreme issued a press release where they said "We all hoped we’d be near the end of this pandemic by now. We’re not. So, please consider getting vaccinated if you’ve not done so already. And then enjoy and share two amazing doughnuts with our heart-felt thanks."

So far this year, Krispy Kreme has given away more than 2.5 million of their original glazed doughnuts to vaccinated customers.

So, be sure to get down to your local Krispy Kreme before September 5th to get two free glazed doughnuts.  But, if you miss that date, don't worry because you can still get a single free doughnut until the end of the year.

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