It's one of the worst feelings! That instant regret when you realize you shouldn't have hit the "send" button. Whether it was something you regret saying, a drunk text, or a message sent to the wrong person... it's hard not to cringe. Thankfully, Facebook has rolled out a new feature that lets you backtrack those messages.

Yes, its legit, And yes, there's a catch. You have 10 minutes to unsend on Messenger anddd the receiver will be alerted that you removed it, which makes it kind of awkward.

I attempted it on my own Messenger app and when you click "remove" [on the message you sent] it will give you the option to "Remove for Everyone" or "Remove for You" (which, by the way, is denial at its finest... I would know). Choosing the everyone option will remove it from the conversation but it will also notify that you did. Total buzzkill so good luck explaining that one.

With that said, don't drink and Facebook & if it's questionable, maybe re-read before you hit send.

Now if only we can retract our text messages that would've saved me a lot of embarrassment already *facepalm*

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