Netflix recently released two titles on its platform that took the world by storm. On December 13, Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock was released and was viewed by more than 80 million members in its first four weeks. Next came the stalker drama You. The series, starring Penn Badgley, had incredible ratings in the first four weeks of its release. Currently, it's on pace to reach 40 million households.

You is the hypnotic story of Joe Goldberg, a (fictional) psychotic yet brilliant man who is obsessed with winning the love of a New York woman named Beck. In order to capture her heart, Joe exploits the use of today's technology. Oh, and he goes on a murder spree. NBD.

The series has been trending worldwide for weeks, while hundreds of memes and references have been birthed from the show's over-the-top premise. Simply put: There is no doubt that You has become a phenomenon.

And yet, the mystery of You extends far behold our screens. Below, check out some fun, surprising facts about the show that you probably didn't know.

**Beware: Light spoilers below!**

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