Curtis found yet another Buzzfeed Quiz for everyone to take on the show!  This quiz attempts to guess your age based on preference of Yankee Candle, so I guess you need to be a fancy pants to take this quiz because normal people can't afford to smell 50 different Yankee Candles.  I'm pretty sure that the price of all of the candles in this quiz would equal the cost of a used car...

But anyway, here are our results:

Connie got: 25-28
Not quite, Buzzfeed, let's try again...

Curtis got: 25-28
Um, Curtis is also not in his 20's, but it's a tiny bit closer we guess?.

Steve got: 25-28
OK, Buzzfeed, it's like you aren't even trying anymore.  Do you have any other answers than 25-28?  Steve is 33, so that's only a few years off.

We took the quiz one more time, and it appears that there are other results besides "25-28".  So, now it's your turn to take the quiz and post your results in the comments!