With all of the horrible things we see in the news, it’s nice to get a daily dose of “awwww” to take our minds off of things. I usually try and share any good stories I hear on the air. Now, I am sharing some of those things online.

Today, I give you an adorable puppy named Gertie who just loves drinking water. 

I've really been slacking in the "awwwww" department lately, guys. I apologize for that. I feel like this newest edition will make up for the fact that I haven't posted any of them in a couple of weeks.

The folks at Run Auggie Run posted this video, and really it's pretty great. But, it's not as great as the story behind Gertie: "Gertie has a cleft palate and was found in a dumpster at [one] day old. She was taken to the Mia foundation and we adopted her from there."