You know you fit all of these, Michiganders!

1. You know what euchre is...

And you can pronounce it too!

2. German, Polish, or Norwegian influence is how you grew up!

Sauerkraut, lutefisk, pierogies, pasties, golumpkis...need we say more?

3. Company names become possessive for no reason.

Meijer “Meijer’s” and Kroger “Kroger’s.”

4. Distances are measured in time

When someone asks you about distance to get somewhere you respond with time.

"Oh yea, that will take about 20 minutes..."

5. “Up North.”

Vacationing up north is really was makes summer the best thing ever in Michigan. You don't even have to cross the Mackinac Bridge.

6. Nicknames for other Michigan natives

“Yooper,” “Troll,” “Fudgies,” and “Townies".

7. You find yourself with a 'Chicago' accent.

All your hard consonants are clipped, A's are pronounced hard...OH and the biggest one is having 'd' in the place of 't'

"ciddy" instead of "city"

8.“Michigan left turn”

Yeah, you just have to go an extra block to hang a 'U' turn and then turn right...when all you wanted to do was turn left in the first place.

9. Your loyalty to certain brands and foods cannot be beat!

Vernors and Superman ice cream! Need we say more?

10. Your vocab is slightly different than the rest of the country...

Every other place in the USA calls it a 'liquor store'...but we call them 'party store'. Also, your shopping cart is your 'buggy'.