Building hype is key in promoting a new product and/or service.  Add a little bit of star power and you instantly have a fan base which is what artist-actor Justin Timberlake is counting on in his new effort to bring you and me back to using MySpace!

The Social Network actor has taken his fictional role depicting the birth and development of Facebook to a real-life investment in its faltering rival, MySpace.

Timberlake's manager tells the Hollywood Reporter that Justin has already put several millions of dollars into reviving the social network with a twist!
Word is, the new and improved model for  MySpace may include opportunities for people  to showcase his or her talent via posting resumes, videos and pictures.
I kind of like the idea and will be watching to see what comes of it!  If we know one thing about Justin, he's not a quitter!  If your interest is piqued, click here for more details.