This morning on the show we had the pleasure of talking to two adventurers who are traveling across the country to prove that America isn't as negative as the media portrays. Andrew is currently road tripping around all 50 states with his New Zealander friend, Josh, and his dog, Piper.

The two are filming their journey and posting their vlogs on their YouTube Channel, 2 Men And A Dog, and on their website,

Andrew spent the year of the presidential election in New Zealand and as an American he was constantly being asked why their was so much hate in America right now.  So, when Andrew came back to the United States he wanted to show as many people as he could that they have the wrong idea about the country.

That's when he brought his friend Josh, the New Zealander and film maker, to help document their journey.

They started in San Francisco and have traveled over 12,000 miles zig zagging across the country to Grand Rapids.  The first leg of the trip is almost complete, but the two still have many many places left to visit on the remaining legs.

You can listen to the full interview below.

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And keep an eye out for a cameo from Connie and Curtis on an upcoming video from their visit to Michigan!