By now, every Michigander knows about the Pure Michigan tourism campaigns.  You can instantly recognize them by the music and by the narrator, Tim Allen.  What you probably didn't know is that Pure Michigan isn't just for bringing people from out of state to come visit.  The Pure Michigan website and social media are a wealth of information about our great state.  So next time you are planning a vacation, stop over to and see what's going on around Michigan!

When you head over to their website, be sure to also enter their sweepstakes!  Enter for a chance to win a journey through a breathtaking Michigan fall weekend, compliments of Pure Michigan.

60-Second Tours

60-Second Tours are a great feature on Pure Michigan's YouTube page!  Periodically they post videos that give you a quick run down of awesome cities or regions to visit in the Michigan.

30-Second Escape

30-Second Escapes are quick little videos that feature an event or an activity in Michigan.

Event Roundups

Each season, Pure Michigan posts a video that highlights all of the events for the season.  Right now, the Fall Events Roundup features all sorts of activities to do before the snow starts falling!  You can also check out their Event's Page to find things to do in our State!

Tim Allen

You can't mention Pure Michigan without mentioning Tim Allen.  So because of that, find out what "Pure Michigan" means to Tim Allen!