Grand Rapids has a rich history, and much of it is still here roaming around aimlessly, if you believe local ghost hunters.

Rumors and legends about ghosts haunting such local landmarks as the Amway Grand, the Heritage Hill houses and the infamous Hell's Bridge have persisted through the years, and are all now a part of a GR Ghost Tour that sets off twice a month from Veteran's Memorial Park, 101 S. Fulton Street.

Why search for lame ass Pokemon characters, when you can search for real ghosts? The authors of the book 'The Ghost of Grand Rapids' have begun offering night time ghost tours and they look to cover a bit of the dark side of Grand Rapids' history.

The Reverand Robert DuShane told FOX 17 News that the tours will increase in October, as the Halloween season kicks in. The current tour costs ten bucks, and are conducted once a month, the next one being August 13th (next Saturday).

To add a historical touch, the tour guides will dress in period costumes from the late 1800s, which leads me to the question, why are ghosts always from a long gone by era like the late 1800s or the early 1900s? Are there any modern ghosts named Chad, who may have died last year?