How upset would you be to find out your partner has opened a secret post office box to have their secret credit card statments sent?  How upset would you be to find out that your partner has used your social security number along with their own to obtain several credit cards and racked up over $100,000 in debt?  Has your heart skipped a beat by reading this so far?  There's more!

This is a true story in which a wife likes to spend, while her husband likes to save.  Like all things, everything must come to an end.  Especially after forgetting to pay for the said secret post office box and the statements come to the house all at once.  OUCH!  A great story I read in the Finacially Fit section on Yahoo's Shine.  Is out of control shopping & spending a disease?  Is there a cure?  Can you turn things around before it's too late?  This article answers many of those questons.  Read further.