Let me start off by saying I have respect for Justin Bieber. He came from a pretty difficult situation, and has been able to rise to the top at a very young age. That has to be a lot to take in, peaking in your teens.  I will not deny that the kid has talent.

Everything that is happening, Bieber is bringing on himself. Are we really surprised though? There are a couple of reasons everyone is making such a huge deal of his arrest: (1) We LOVE to see celebs fall, especially young ones. Call it jealousy or whatever, people eat this stuff up. (2) Plus, we were all expecting to see him get arrested, it was just a matter of time.

It might sound like I’m a “Belieber,” but nope, I’m not. We were all 19 once, we all made STUPID choices in our teens and twenties, at least I know I did. I truly believe that if you avoided a run in with the police in your teens or twenties you were lucky.

Adding to his age, he’s a guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making excuses for him, just an understanding. Guys in their late teens and early twenties are complete pompous jerks. They think they’re invisible and the world revolves around them. I’m thankful I transitioned out of that state in my mid twenties, before I hurt someone or had a run in with the police.

So, to Bieber; it's not your parent's fault, and it's not your friend's fault. Fix your mess, be a man, and grow up. You're not a typical 19 year old, you have kids really looking up to you. This is the point where we figure out who you really are, it's time to be a man.

To his fans, he’s not God, quit Tweeting ignorant things.


P.S. These are real Tweets from his fans after he got busted.

@StylishBill:  "He's just drunk . . . I mean why have him in handcuffs?  This is so stupid.  It's only because this is 'Justin Bieber' and they want him to fall."


@chey_says_hey:  "But everyone's blaming Justin.  It's not his fault, it's society and the media's fault."

@TWLSJANOSKIANS:  "People drink and drive all the time, and you never hear about it.  The only reason that it's such a big deal now is because it's Justin Bieber."

@hisbelieber_98:  "Justin was arrested??  He didn't do anything . . ."

@missbieberabi:  "It's not Justin's fault!!  He had his childhood lost!!  And he's just making up for it maybe in the wrong way, but just leave him alone!!"

@SagLikeBieber:  "Jesus, it's not our fault Justin was on anti-depressants.  It's not even his fault.  Some people are born with a serotonin deficiency.  Me?"