We've all heard of way that people try to avoid having to argue with their significant other. However, this has got to be one of the most extreme ways out there.

Last Thursday a 36 year old man was found at around 1AM with his hands, feet and mouth duct taped. When the cops arrived the guy told them that he had been kidnapped and left there for dead.

However, his story raised a lot of questions. Not to mention the fact that the guy still had the roll of duct tape dangling from his wrists. So, the cops weren't buying his story.

The truth finally came out that the guy had left home two weeks ago after a fight with his girlfriend and didn't want to go back to face her without playing a sympathy card.

The police won't say if the guy was arrested or at least cited for something. However, he has 14 priors so, we're guessing so.