Panera Bread was testing this new "pay what you can" feature at some of their restaurants. However, after a few weeks they've pulled it from all of their test stores. What gives?

Here's the deal. Panera Bread was testing this "pay what you can" for their classic Turkey Chili in a bread bowl. Now, you'd think a lot of people would abuse the system. However, it seems that just as many people paid MORE for their chili than those that paid LESS.

The whole reason Panera began the "pay what you can" was to raise awareness for those in need. So, if you could pay more for the chili, you should to make up for someone who couldn't pay enough.

Panera said that the decision to take the feature away was not a financial one. They just thought there were other ways to make a better impact on needy persons.

[Source: Fox Business]