A Seattle man has launched a tour called "The sub-URBAN Experience" where participants can experience what it's like to be a homeless American.

Mike Momany created the tour through his own experiences as a homeless person not long ago. The tour costs $2,000 and is meant to give people a new perspective on homeless Americans.

However, the "course" is getting a TON of negative feedback. Many are saying that the experience is PURE exploitation to the homeless community and that those living without homes should not be put on display.

According to the website Momany explains that you will get a new wardrobe fit for a homeless person as well as a nickname to use. One night you will stay in a shelter and another evening in a hotel. You will try panhandling, having dinner in your "homeless clothes" at a nicer restaurant to watch people's reactions, as well as taking in a book at the public library.

What do you think? Insightful or just plain terrible?