It's been a little while since we've all taken a Buzzfeed Quiz collectively as a show, so when Curtis found the "Spend A Million And We’ll Tell You Your Most Positive Trait" quiz this morning, we knew we had to take it!

Here are our results:

Connie got: Creative
Creative juices run through your veins. You’re at your happiest when creating things and coming up with ideas, something that you often find yourself daydreaming about. You were born to make art, so if you haven’t began doing so yet, it’s time to get started on that painting or novel that you’ve been putting off starting.

Curtis got: Intelligent
You’re quick-witted and naturally gifted at finding solutions. When someone has a problem that needs solving, you’re the person they first think of turning to for help. Your logical approach to life and its many problems makes you a great person to have on speed dial.

Steve got: Hardworking
If there’s one word that people would use to describe you it’s “hardworking”. Whenever a job needs doing you’re always willing to get started on it and see it through to the end, even when other aren’t so enthusiastic. Be careful though, people can sometimes take advantage of your strong work ethic.

Intern Hanna got: Ambitious
You’re always filled with the desire to better yourself and be the best you that you can be. A downside of your ambitious nature is that you’re never happy for long as you’re always on the look out for the next challenge to conquer. But it’s important that you take some time to yourself and reflect on all of your achievements, which you may have easily overlooked while always looking ahead.

Now it's your turn to take the quiz and tell us your results in the comments!