new orleans

Brand At It Again!
Karma is a... well you know the rest. This is what Mr. Brand gets for mistreating Katy, lol. Russell is a wanted man after New Orleans police issued a warrant for his arrest. The wannabe comedian has been accused of throwing a photographers cell phone through the window of a law offi…
Hot vs. Smart Episode 3
Last night Hot vs. Smart made their way to New Orleans for their next challenge.  Both teams had to throw a party at a local bar and the team that brought in the most patrons won the contest.  Find out who took home the glory from last nights challenge!  Click 'READ MORE' to…
See Gaga In New Orleans!
Today is the last day you can register to see Lady Gaga perform in New Orleans!  You can win an all expense paid trip to the Mardi Gras Mecca courtesy of Kidd Kraddick!