Sabrina Fairchild

Space Shuttle ‘Discovery’ Retires! [Video]
Do you remember when the space shuttle Discovery launched into space for the first time in 1984?
It seems like the world was more into the magnificence of what it takes to get one of these puppies into outer space and after traveling over 148 million miles during 39 missions ... Nasa has decided to c…
Smelly Homes Make Or Break Your Kids’ Grades!
How anyone came up with the idea to link how your house smells to the kind of grades you got in school is beyond me, but I got a kick out of some of the results!
Like, 84% of students who bring home A's and B's claim that their houses either smelled lemony, clean or like fresh baked cookies…
Fennville Advances To District Final! [Video]
If you don't know this about me by now ... you will soon find out that I am sports challenged!  But, I can appreciate everyone else's talent and success.
Following the Fennville basketball team and Wes Leonard's family since he fatally collapsed of a heart attack last week has been bitterSweet with a…
Florida Grandma Gets Call From Outer Space!
The Space Shuttle Discovery is on its last mission ... and Colonel Eric Boe is on board the spacecraft making calls to his Nana in Florida!
The first time he called Gladys Roscoe was in 2008 during a separate mission aboard the Endeavor, but the 93-year old wasn't home because she was out s…
Kids Are Techies, Not So Much Into Life Skills!
It should be no surprise to any of us that kids are practically growing up with a keyboard attached to their fingers!
A new study confirms that 58% of the kids they surveyed are better at computer skills than riding a bike!  Some of their other findings will also grab your attention!
Wes Leonard, Remembered. [Video]
It's been a more than emotional week for Wes Leonard's family and community family as the Fennville High School star basketball player died of a heart attack after leading his team to the playoffs with a winning shot in overtime.
Fennville High School freshman Marlene Jaimes, 16, is pictured above an…
Feelin’ A Little Sassy This Spring?
It's time to spring forward and set your clock an hour ahead on Sunday! 
I couldn't be more happy with the time change because it means that we're one day closer to warmer weather in West Michigan!
Apparently, there is 'scientific' proof that we're also sexier come S…
Topher Grace Matches Donation for Chris Medina!
It's true!  Take Me Home Tonight star, Topher Grace, did make a donation to help a former American Idol contestant.
America got to intimately know Chris Medina and his fiancee when the judges voted him through to auditions in Hollywood.
Although Chris didn't break the top 24 his story remains on many …

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