The Eight Best Wines From Michigan
As you enjoy summer take the time to toast a long sunset with one of the best wines produced in Michigan.
Michigan's top wines have been sampled by the experts and narrowed down to eight award-winning Michigan wines.
Pair Wine According To Your Child’s Bad Behavior
When it comes to mothers there are two things you should never mess with: her children and her wine. These are two of the most important things in a mother's life (sorry, hubbies).
Let's be real here, though, as much as you love them, children can drive you crazy; making the glass of …
This Bedtime Snack Can Help With Weight Loss
Wine lovers rejoice, turns out a glass of wine before bed can aid in weight loss!
Linda Monk, a 47-year-old woman lost 6 pounds in three weeks, and she accredits it to a nightly glass of wine. Linda said that it helped suppress her cravings for unhealthy snacks...
Popular Cheap Wines Contain High Levels Of Arsenic
Well this is just great, turns out there is a lawsuit claiming some of the top-selling, cheaper wines produced by dozens of wineries in California contain very high levels of arsenic.
It also alleges that in some wineries produce wine with “up to 500 percent or more than what’s …

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