The other day on the show, I mentioned that 'Transformers' were still some toys from my childhood that I kept. A few of you called in to tell us about some of your favorites as well. But now, let's talk about the best ever, and check out what toys were voted the best of All-Time!

The other night VH1 did a show called "I Love Toys" counting down the Top 10 toys of all-time. Hula Hoop came in at #1, beating out the likes of LEGOS, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie and G.I. Joe. So here is the list of the top 10 toys of all-time...

1. Hula Hoop
2. Barbie
4. G.I. Joe
5. Mr. Potato Head
6. Monopoly
7. Star Wars figures (Of all-time? Seriously?)
8. Yo-yo
9. Slinky
10. Wiffle ball and bat

Some are a tad bit off for my liking, but what do you think? What is missing from the list and what are some of your favorite toys of all-time?