A common question asked by young, prospective vegetarians  is: "What about going out to eat? That can't be fun..." Wrong. Thankfully, our society is more accepting of people with atypical eating habits; thus, restaurants have become much more accommodating.

Yes, vegetarianism can be a hard lifestyle adjustment. It will require a fair amount of research and loads of dedication to give up your favorite medium rare sirloin, but since when has hard kept you from doing something? If you're interested in trying, give it a shot! Adopting a healthy vegetarian diet  has the potential to lower BMI, decrease bad cholesterol and increase one's life expectancy. Check out these especially vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Grand Rapids to kick start your future as a vegetarian. You should never have to sacrifice taste and fun.  

  • 1

    Red Robin...Yum!

    Sad to give up your delicious chicken sandwich? Don't be. Located on 3195 28th St SE, Red Robin has the option to substitute a Boca fake chicken patty for any of their sandwiches. Also, don't forget about the bottomless, colossal fries. Red Robin may not be the most hoppin' joint for a Saturday night out with friends, but they definitely do an excellent job of catering to vegetarians.

  • 2

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Although the name wouldn't suggest it, Buffalo Wild Wings actually has several vegetarian options. One can replace any of the burgers with a black bean burger patty upon request. In addition, it has nachos, quesadillas, and all of the wraps could easily be converted into a meat-free delight! Grand Rapids has three locations: Celebration Dr NE, Alpine Ave NW, and 28th St SE.

  • 3

    Uccellos Ristorante

    So what if you have to give up your bacon burger? That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your fun! Why not check out Uccellos Ristorante on 2630 E. Beltline Ave SE? Not only does this Italian Pizzeria and Sports Lounge offer phenomenal drink specials, but the vegetarian options are impeccable. Whether you have a hankerin' for a sub, burrito, pizza or pasta, Uccellos has it and is willing to work with you to satisfy your dietary needs.

  • 4

    Teshlou's Little Africa

    Described by several people as the type of food you should eat before you die, Little Africa on 956 Fulton St offers citizens and visitors of Grand Rapids a unique dining experience. This Ethiopian food is both delicious and vegan friendly. In addition, it offers beverages besides your standard Coke or Pepsi products. If you and your friends are looking for a healthy and exciting cultural experience, check out Little Africa.

  • 5

    XO Asian Cuisine

    Perhaps you are a pescatarian (abstains from eating meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish) and simply cannot live without shrimp, salmon, etc. There's nothing wrong with that. XO Asian Cuisine is simply delicious. Their extensive menu offers a variety of sushi, rice, noodles, fish, and vegetable meals from Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian cultures.

  • 6

    Bistro Bella Vita

    Their motto is "Fresh. Natural. Local." What makes Bistro Bella Vita place unique is its gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free menu options. Essentially, you will experience vegetarianism-made-easy at this Mediterranean bistro on 44 Grandville Ave SW.

  • 7

    San Chez

    Being a vegetarian does not have to be a dull, flavorless journey. Lunch or dinner at San Chez A Tapas Bistro is the place to go. Not only is the cuisine authentic Spain, but there is an entire section labeled "Tapas Vegetariano" and "Tapas del Mar" for you pescatarian thrill-seekers. So don't wait any longer, grab your amigos and head out to 38 West Fulton.

  • 8

    Skywalk Deli

    If you are ever looking for a light and simple place to eat lunch, check out the Skywalk Deli on 99 Monroe. Not only are entree items are under $10, but also have vegan-friendly options and free Wi-Fi. Did I mention FREE wi-fi?