Yeah, you didn't read that headline wrong. Wal*Mart is asking their employees to donate food to other employees who are in need.

This of course, raises the question of "Why can't Wal*Mart just pay their employees enough in the first place".

The photo taken of the donation bin is entirely real and verified by the store director of the Wal*Mart in Ohio from which it originated. However, Wally World is reporting that the donation bins are at most Wal*Marts. The food will be distributed to those who are making under $25,000 so they too can have a good Thanksgiving.

P.S. That's the majority of Wal*Mart workers.

P.P.S Most of the food in those bins will probably be purchased at Wal*Mart with Wal*mart, that's just money right back in their pockets.