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Colin Powell Posted a Teen Selfie . . . And He Was Pretty Sexy 



We all know people were taking pictures of themselves in mirrors long before Facebook and Twitter came along.  But apparently, this practice goes WAY back.



For Throwback Thursday yesterday, former Secretary of State COLIN POWELL posted his own selfie, which we're assuming he took when he was a TEENAGER.  And a very SEXY teenager at that.



Because he's 76 years old now, and he captioned it, quote, "I was doing selfies 60 years before you Facebook folks.  Eat your heart out Ellen!"  (Obviously a reference to Ellen's Oscar selfie.)

Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  Okay, so MADONNA posted a picture of herself licking her glass shower stall.  She captioned it, quote, "Still cleaning house!  A woman's work is never done!"




2.  DANICA MCKELLAR showed up to her "Dancing With the Stars" rehearsal wearing tiny booty shorts . . . and now all is right with the world.




3.  JENNIFER LOPEZ in a tight pink t-shirt and jeans is kind of amazing.




4.  BRITNEY SPEARS in a Smart Car is funnier than it probably should be.




5.  ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS went on a double date with JON CRYER and his wife.




6.  JUSTIN BIEBER has a new tattoo.  It's a copy of some graffiti that was done by a famous "street artist" named Banksy.  (Check out Justin's ink and the original here.)




7.  HELENA BONHAM CARTER has dreadlocks now.

20 Interesting Celebrity Facts You May Not Have Known 

1.  Kesha has an IQ of 140, and scored 1500 on her SATs.

2.  Leonardo DiCaprio was named after Leonardo DaVinci.  Supposedly, his pregnant mother felt him kick for the first time while she was standing in front of a portrait of DaVinci at a gallery in Florence, Italy.

3.  Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for possession of 1.4 POUNDS of cocaine . . . and was jailed for two years.

4.  "Boardwalk Empire" star Steve Buscemi worked as a New York City firefighter, from 1980 to 1984.

5.  When Madonna moved to New York City, she worked at Dunkin' Donuts.  She got fired because she squirted jelly on a customer.

6.  Sylvester Stallone's first movie was a softcore PORNO called "Party at Kitty and Stud's".

7.  Sean Connery wore a toupee in every James Bond movie he appeared in.

8.  Elvis was a natural blond.  He began dying his hair black in high school.

9.  Sex guru Dr. Ruth is a trained Israeli sniper.

10.  R. Kelly suffers from illiteracy.  He has said, quote, "The only reason I graduated from grammar school is because I had a great jump shot."

11.  Steve Jobs used to relieve stress by soaking his feet in Apple's company toilets.

12.  On his 20th birthday, Bill Murray was arrested at a Chicago airport for trying to smuggle 10 POUNDS of marijuana onto a plane.  It was worth $20,000.

13.  Nicolas Cage once bought a pet octopus, supposedly because he thought it would help with his acting.  (???)  He also once did mushrooms with his cat.

14. When Jim Carrey was just a teenager, he and his entire family took janitorial jobs and lived out of a Volkswagen camper.

15.  J.K. Rowling was fired from her job as a secretary for daydreaming too much.  After that, she wrote the "Harry Potter" books.

16.  Dennis Rodman "only" has 28 siblings . . . not 46, as has been rumored.

17.  Kobe Bryant is fluent in Italian.

18.  Rob Lowe is deaf in his right ear.  It may be from an undiagnosed case of the mumps when he was a baby.

19.  Matthew McConaughey is terrified of revolving doors . . . Tyra Banks is terrified of dolphins . . . and Johnny Depp is terrified of clowns.

20.  Jaleel White, a.k.a. Steve Urkel, provided the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog.



(You can check out all 75 Interesting Celebrity Facts at

A Legendary Trailer Voiceover Guy Has Died 



The legendary HAL DOUGLAS . . . who narrated THOUSANDS of movie trailers over the years . . . died last Friday of complications from pancreatic cancer.  He was 89.  You may not know his name, but you'd definitely recognize his voice.



In addition to his trailer work, which is FAR too expansive to list out . . . he also made a rare, on-camera appearance in JERRY SEINFELD'S 2002 documentary, "Comedian".  He played Jack, an announcer who only speaks in trailer clichés.

You Can Win a Chance to Ride Around in a Tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Crush Stuff 

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is auctioning off chances for someone to fly to Los Angeles, hang out with him for a day and crush stuff in his TANK.  All the proceeds benefit the children's charity After-School All-Stars. 

(Here's where you can enter.) 

Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars Played in Kiev Wednesday Night 

During his Oscar acceptance speech, JARED LETO gave a shout-out to the people of Ukraine.  And on Wednesday, he and his band 30 SECOND TO MARS played in Independence Square in Kiev.



Jared told the crowd, quote, "You guys are in the midst of something really beautiful and it may be difficult but there's no price too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.



"I understand that other bands have canceled their shows, but there was no (effing) way . . . no (effing) way . . . that 30 Seconds to Mars wasn't going to be here in this beautiful city in this great country tonight."



(Here's video.  WARNING!!!  Uncensored profanity.)

Jason Bateman Swears in Front of His 2-Year-Old Daughter 



JASON BATEMAN has two daughters, and he has no problem unleashing his FILTHY POTTY MOUTH in front of one of them.



He tells "GQ", quote, "I tend to use as many [curse words] as I can think of.  I don't do it around my 7-year-old, but I do around my 2-year-old, because she doesn't know what the hell I'm saying yet."



Jason's curse of choice, by the way, is "Mother(effer)".

"Need for Speed" and "Veronica Mars" Hit Theaters Today



1.  "Need for Speed"  (PG-13)  Trailer


Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad" is a street racer framed by another driver for manslaughter after a fatal crash.  When he gets out of prison, he enters an underground race to get revenge on the guy who set him up.



It's based on a popular video game series and features Dominic Cooper as the villain and Michael Keaton as the guy hosting the race.  The rapper Kid Cudi is in it as Aaron's best friend.  (He uses his real name when he's acting . . . Scott Mescudi.)



RELATED COMEDY:  Aaron Paul took the starring role in "Need for Speed" because after "Breaking Bad" he wanted to do something different.  Namely, get terrible reviews.




2.  "Veronica Mars"  (PG-13)  Trailer  (Limited)


"Veronica Mars" was a teen detective series 10 years ago starring Kristen Bell.  It ran for three seasons . . . on the Mighty UPN and then the CW . . . and has a pretty strong cult following.  They've been trying to breathe new life into it for years



In fact, the movie was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.  Warner Brothers only agreed to do a theatrical release if the writers could raise $2 million.  They hit that in the first 10 hours . . . and ended up raising $5.7 million.



The action picks up with Veronica having graduated from law school after giving up investigative work.  But when she finds out her ex-boyfriend Logan has been accused of murder, she risks her new law career to go back to California and help him out.


3.  "Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club"  (PG-13)  Trailer



Five women form a support group they call the Single Moms Club, where one of them watches all their kids so the other four can go out and get their groove on.  The ladies include Nia Long, Amy Smart, and Wendi McLendon-Covey from "The Goldbergs".



And the men they hook up with include Tyler Perry, Terry Crews, and Eddie Cibrian.




4.  "Bad Words"  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)  It expands nationwide on March 28th.



Jason Bateman directs and stars in this movie about a 40-year-old guy who ruthlessly competes against kids in the National Spelling Bee after finding a loophole in the rules.



He's pretty mean to most of the kids, but eventually forms a bond with a little Indian boy.  (Dots, not feathers.)  Allison Janney is also in it.

Weekend TV Reminders:



"Undercover Boss" . . . Friday from 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.  The CEO of Skyzone referees a kids' dodgeball game.



"Banshee" [2nd Season Finale] . . . Friday from 10:00 to 0:00 P.M. on Cinemax.



"Vice" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . Friday from 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on HBO.



"Saturday Night Live" . . . Saturday from 11:30 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. on NBC.  Drake guest hosts and performs.  (Repeat)



"Crisis" [Series Premiere] . . . Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on NBC.  Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney star in this show about the abduction of a bunch of high school kids during a field trip, which include the President's son.



"Naked and Afraid" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Discovery.  Two strangers, a man and a woman, must survive together for 21 days and literally go naked when they're stranded without food, water, or clothes.



"Oprah Prime" . . . Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on OWN.  Cameron Diaz and Sharon Stone talk with Oprah about aging gracefully.



"Lindsay" . . . Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on OWN.  The producers question Lindsay Lohan's commitment and Lindsay copes with her mom's DUI.



"Episodes" [3rd Season Finale]  Sunday from 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on Showtime.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" - James Franco, Andy Cohen, and Jake Bugg.



"Late Night with Seth Meyers" - Christian Slater, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Andy Daly.



"Letterman" - Bill O'Reilly and comedian Nick Griffin.  Music Guest:  The Dough Rollers.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Willie Nelson, Lil Wayne, and Los Lonely Boys sits in with the house band.



"Carson Daly" - Bobsledders Nick Cunningham & Dallas Robinson.  Music Guest:  St. Lucia with Madi Diaz.  (Repeat)



"Arsenio" - Tiffani Theissen, Kid Cudi, and Olympic figure skater Jason Brown.



"Craig Ferguson" - Amy Smart, and crime novelist Denise Mina.



"Chelsea Lately" - Allison Janney, with guest host Mary McCormack. (Repeat)

Five Random Facts For Friday


1.  SUPERMAN lives in Metropolis, which everyone assumes is New York City.  But according to a former DC Comics editor, it's actually in . . . Delaware.



2.  "Jurassic Park" is 127 minutes long.  But the dinosaurs are only on screen for a total of 15 minutes.



3.  There are more barrels of bourbon in Kentucky than people.  There are around 4.7 million barrels of bourbon aging there . . . and about 4.3 million people.



4.  The original title of "1984" was . . . "1980".  But GEORGE ORWELL got sick while he was writing it, the book got delayed, and he wanted a large enough gap between when it was published and the future he was writing about.  It came out in 1949.



5.  You've probably heard of the games "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" and "Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego?"  For some reason, Broderbund Software also created "Where in North Dakota Is Carmen Sandiego?" in 1990.



It was made for the Apple Two computer and is the only Carmen Sandiego game where she's hiding in a specific state.



(DC Wikia / Moviefone / Agribusiness Louisville / George Orwell / Moby Games)

Having a Nagging Husband Can Save Your Life?

A new study found married women are 28% less likely to die from heart disease than unmarried women . . . and it's thanks to NAGGING HUSBANDS.  When husbands constantly tell their wives to go to the doctor when something feels wrong, to take their medicine, and to avoid foods their doctor told them to avoid, it significantly increases their chances of living longer lives.

(Daily Mail)

Will Incurable Gonorrhea Make Marriage Cool Again?

Could incurable gonorrhea make marriage cool again?  There's a strand of gonorrhea that's adapted to antibiotics and is now drug-resistant and permanent.  Some people think that could make people more reluctant to have sex with random strangers . . . and start marrying young again.


People Trust Google to Diagnose Their Illnesses More Than Doctors

According to a new survey, 42% of people say they ALWAYS Google their symptoms before they see a doctor.  27% take it further, and rely on Google for a diagnosis.  And 20% take it even further than THAT . . . and believe their search results OVER what a doctor tells them.


What Do People Need to Stop Posting on Facebook Right Now?

What are people posting on Facebook these days that makes you ANGRY?  A few of the most popular answers are posts about things "real men do" or "real women do" . . . those Buzzfeed articles about things only '90s kids will remember . . . and bragging about CrossFit workouts.


The Ten Best and Worst Phrases to Use on a Resume

According to a new Career Builder survey, the top phrases you SHOULD use on a resume are:  Achieved . . . improved . . . trained . . . managed . . . and created.  And the top phrases you SHOULDN'T use are:  Best of breed . . . go-getter . . . think outside the box . . . synergy . . . and go-to guy.

(PR Newswire)

The Top Trendy Baby Names For 2014 Include Persephone, Glory, and Apollo

According to the website, these are the, quote, "next wave of cool" baby names . . . and a lot of them seem to have an ancient Greek and Roman feel.  For girls, some of the names are Delphi, Glory, Leontine, and Persephone . . . for boys, some names are Apollo, Cyprian, Falconer, and Romulus.

(Yahoo Shine) 


Amazon Prime Is Going Up to $99 . . . Here's What You'd Have to Buy to Make It Worthwhile

The price of Amazon Prime is going up from $79 a year to $99 a year.  Is it still worth it?  It is if you buy between 12 and 16 things per year, and like them delivered with free two-day shipping.  Or, if you watch some of the free streaming TV shows Amazon offers Prime subscribers.


Police Shut Down a Busy Street to Hunt For a Guy's Missing Junk

Around 4:50 A.M. yesterday, in England, a 40-year-old man had his junk CUT OFF.  And the cops cared so much they SHUT DOWN a busy street to search for it.  There's no word if they found it but they DID find the 22-year-old guy who cut it off.  He was arrested.

(The Guardian / Daily Mail)

Ansel Elgort is 20.  Caleb in "Divergent".  He was also Tommy in the "Carrie" remake.



Sasha Grey is 26.  Mattress actress who is now attempting to make that almost-impossible jump to mainstream.  She was in Steven Soderbergh's film "The Girlfriend Experience" and had a major role as Vince's girlfriend on "Entourage".  Her next big part is in a multiple personality thriller called "The Scribbler".



JAMIE BELL! is 28.  Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the Thing, in next year's "Fantastic Four" reboot.  As an adult, he's also had roles in "The Eagle", "Jumper", and "Man on a Ledge", but to me he'll always be little "Billy Elliot".



Eva Angelina is 29.  Mattress actress who has starred in 554 fine films, including "Missionary: Impossible", "Licensed to Blow", "Getting It Up with the Kardassians", and the "Notorious S.L.U.T."



TAYLOR HANSON! is 31.  The middle Hanson brother.



Chris Klein is 35.  Oz in the "American Pie" movies, Dusty in "Just Friends", AND the well-hung star of "Rollerball"!  He dated Katie Holmes for six years, and even asked her to marry him . . . but she decided to go in a different direction with her life.

Grace Park is 40.  The sexy female version of Kono on the new "Hawaii Five-O".  Before that she was the sexy Asiatic Cylon on "Battlestar Galactica".



Kristian Bush is 44.  The masculine half of the country band Sugarland.



Kevin Williamson is 49.  Way gay creator of "Dawson's Creek", who also brought us "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer".  These days he's part of the team behind "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Following".



Penny Johnson is 53.  Captain Gates on "Castle".  She was also the diabolical Sherry Palmer on "24".



Tamara Tunie is 55.  She's the Nubian coroner on "Law & Order:  SVU".



RICK DEES . . . IN THE MORNING! is 64.  Real name:  Rigdon Osmond Dees the Third . . . in the Morning.  IT'S 7:10!  AND 61 DEES-GREES ON KIIS-FM!



Rick Savage is 64.  Master Thespian who's starred in 566 fine films, including . . . "Throbbin' Hood", "Screw the Right Thing", "Rambone Meets the Double Penetrators", "Against All Bods" AND 1990's "I Said . . . A Butt Light"!



Billy Crystal is 66.  His claim to the title of Best Oscar Host of All Time took a small hit a few years back, when people realized how tired his act is.  It was great in its day, but he probably shouldn't have tried to drag it back out as if nothing had changed.



Quincy Jones is 81.  His middle name is DELIGHTT . . . with two T's!  He has been nominated for 79 Grammys . . . and won 27 of them.  He was jamming with Ray Charles before anyone even knew who Ray was . . . and he produced Michael Jackson's "Thriller", the world's all-time best-selling album.

Michael Caine is 81.  Alfred in the "Dark Knight" trilogy . . . Austin's dad, Nigel Powers, in "Goldmember" . . . and, most importantly, Hoagie Newcombe in "Jaws:  The Revenge"!


Michael missed the 1987 Academy Awards because he was off filming "Jaws:  The Revenge" . . . and thus, he wasn't there to collect his OSCAR for Best Supporting Actor for "Hannah and Her Sisters".  (TRUE!)



KIRBY PUCKETT  (1960 - 2006)  Minnesota Twins legend.



ALBERT EINSTEIN  (1879 - 1955)  Classic Einstein quote:  "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."



Casey Jones  (1864 - 1900)  Railroad engineer.  Was NOT "driving that train, high on cocaine";  Casey Jones didn't even drink, let alone dabble in Bolivian Marching Powder.

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 3 days to St. Patrick's Day

• 3 days to Dancing with the Stars

• 18 days to April Fool's Day

• 21 days to "Captain America 2"

• 23 days to "Game of Thrones"

• 1,043 days left of "Hope and Change"

220 years ago . . . In 1794, ELI WHITNEY patented the COTTON GIN, which suddenly made cotton profitable and REVIVED SOUTHERN SLAVERY.  DAMN THE WHITE DEVIL!



64 years ago . . . In 1950, the FBI began its "10 MOST WANTED" program.



46 years ago . . . In 1968, after just three seasons of greatness, ABC aired the final episode of "BATMAN", starring THE ONE TRUE BATMAN, ADAM WEST.  The entire series if FINALLY coming out on DVD and Blu-ray THIS YEAR.



43 years ago . . . In 1971, the ROLLING STONES played a farewell concert in London before leaving England and moving to France . . . to escape taxes.



42 years ago . . . In 1972, at the 14th Grammy Awards, CAROLE KING won four Grammys, including Best Album for "Tapestry", Best Record for "It's Too Late", and Song of the Year for "You've Got A Friend" . . . which she wrote for JAMES TAYLOR.



(She returned to the show this year to CRUSH IT with Sara Bareilles.)



42 years ago . . . In 1972, "Cosmopolitan" magazine presented BURT REYNOLDS as its FIRST NUDE MALE CENTERFOLD.



28 years ago . . . In 1986, "Crossroads" was released, starring RALPH MACCHIO as a blues guitarist who battles the Devil after getting a legendary blues musician to mentor him!  (And he didn't even have to wax on OR off.)  (???)

27 years ago . . . In 1987, "Jacob's Ladder" by HUEY "HUNG" LEWIS & THE NEWS hit #1 in the U.S.



24 years ago . . . In 1990, at the 4th Soooul Train Music Awards, JANET JACKSON won Best Music Video for "Rhythm Nation", SOUL II SOUL won Song of the Year for "Keep on Movin'", and QUINCY JONES won Best Jazz Album for "Back on the Block".



16 years ago . . . In 1998, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", by WILL SMITH, hit #1 on the pop singles chart.



Nine years ago . . . In 2005 U2, THE PRETENDERS, "When a Man Loves A Woman" singer PERCY SLEDGE, blues legend BUDDY GUY and the O'JAYS were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . . . WITHOUT any KISS-type drama.