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The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Didn't Give Her Baby a "K" Name 



Everyone expected KIM KARDASHIAN to give her baby a "K" name, especially since the kid's father KANYE WEST also has a "K" name.  But it turns out that's exactly why she didn't.



In the latest episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", she explained, quote, "If we name our kid with a K name, which is kind of what we want, mainly just because Kanye and I are K's, then . . . they'll call us the KKK."  (Here's video.)



(That's gotta be Kanye's paranoid hang-up.  Because Kim is ALREADY a "KKK" with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney.)






Selena Gomez Partied With Justin Bieber . . . And Says She'll Always Care About Him 



As far as we know, SELENA GOMEZ and JUSTIN BIEBER are OFF at the moment. 



But on "Good Morning America" Friday, Selena said, quote, "He and I have had such a history together.  I'll always care about him and protect him if anyone tries to be mean."  (Here's video.)



Then on Saturday, Selena celebrated her 21st birthday at a club with several friends . . . including Justin.  He showed up with JADEN SMITH, and brought Selena a single red rose.  Then Selena and Justin left TOGETHER at about 2:00 A.M.






Sexy Pictures of Famous People 

1.  MILEY CYRUS posed fully nude . . . but with her hands over her LADY BITS . . . for a skin cancer research campaign.  (You can even get the pic on a t-shirt!)  (




2.  CHRISTINA AGUILERA has lost a lot of weight.  (Check out a pic here.)




3.  "Wonder Years" minx DANICA MCKELLAR appears in a new AVRIL LAVIGNE video . . . in short shorts and fishnet stockings.  (Check it out here.)




4.  (NC-17)  MICHAEL JORDAN'S son accidentally Tweeted a picture of his junk, then tried to claim he was hacked.  (Check it out here.  WARNING!!!  There's an UNCENSORED pic on this page.)




5.  (NC-17)  SEXY VIDEO:  The "Mr. Skin Minute" features clips of GABBY HOFFMAN and ROSARIO DAWSON fully nude from their latest movies, and ANNA PAQUIN popping off her bra on "True Blood".



(Check it out here.  WARNING!!!  The Rosario Dawson clip is particularly graphic, because she's FULLY SHAVED.)






DJ Khaled Proposed to Nicki Minaj on MTV 



HIGHLIGHTS:  Rapper DJ KHALED proposed to NICKI MINAJ in a video that aired on "MTV News".  He also flashed a supposed $500,000, 10-carat ring.  There's no word how Nicki feels about this.  There are some reports that she actually filed a restraining order against him.



FULL STORY:  Rapper DJ KHALED stopped by MTV News last week to film a video in which he PROPOSES to NICKI MINAJ.



He said, quote, "Nicki Minaj, I'm at MTV, I'm going to be honest with you;  I love you.  I like you, I want you, I want you to be mine . . . Only reason I'm not telling you this face to face is because I understand that you're busy."



Then he popped the question, and flashed a supposed $500,000, 10-carat ring.  (Here's the video.)



There's no word yet from Nicki on any of this, but she did post a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a shirt that says "Love", and standing in front of a poster with the word on it several times.  She captioned it, "It's all u need."  (Check it out here.)  (Instagram)



She was also spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger . . . although it doesn't look like the same one.  (Check it out here.)



There are reports that Nicki actually filed a RESTRAINING ORDER against DJ Khaled on Friday . . . but we don't know if that's true.






Amanda Bynes' Parents Say She's Paranoid and Burning Through Money at an Alarming Rate 

HIGHLIGHTS:  The petition AMANDA BYNES' parents filed for a conservatorship was released Friday.  They say Amanda is paranoid, obsessed with body image . . . and she's burned through $1.2 million in a really short period of time.  They said, quote, "We believe that a substantial amount of this money is being used to pay for marijuana and other illegal substances, and possibly for plastic surgery."

FULL STORY:  In their petition to establish a conservatorship over AMANDA BYNES, her parents say she's paranoid and burning through money at an alarming rate.  The paranoid behavior started even before Amanda moved to New York. 



Her parents said, quote, "She would cover smoke alarms with towels, tape windows shut, and cover her car's dashboard with cardboard and tape out of fear that cameras were watching her from inside these places."



They also addressed her obsession with the idea that she and others are UGLY, and said she constantly talks about plastic surgeries she wants to have.



And they say she's gone through $1.2 million of her estimated $4 million savings in a very short time.



Continued . . .






Amanda Bynes' Parents Say She's Paranoid and Burning Through Money at an Alarming Rate  (continued) 



They said, quote, "We believe that a substantial amount of this money is being used to pay for marijuana and other illegal substances, and possibly for plastic surgery."



And they said that when they asked Amanda how she got back to L.A. from New York, she told them she, quote, "cabbed it."  They also don't know where she's been staying since she came back, and they believe she's, quote, "essentially homeless."



Meanwhile, Amanda wants OUT of the hospital.  They extended her 72-hour stay to two weeks, but she'll be asking for an early release at a hearing this week.



(On a related note, check out some pictures of a hotel room Amanda trashed in New York City before she left.)



(And here's video of Nick Cannon saying he's praying for her.  They were on the Nickelodeon show "All That" together in the late '90s.)






From the Very Bowels of Human Excess:  Did Reese Witherspoon Get a $1,500 Haircut? 



HIGHLIGHTS:  REESE WITHERSPOON reportedly treated herself to a $1,500 haircut on Saturday.  She went to a high-end salon in Beverly Hills where they, quote, "treat each strand [of hair] in its own way, in order to achieve the most natural effect.  ANGELINA JOLIE and SALMA HAYEK are also fans of the procedure.



FULL STORY:  How much did your last haircut cost?  15 bucks?  50?  Heck, even a hundred is NOTHING compared to what REESE WITHERSPOON shelled out.



On Saturday, Reese went to the Rossano Ferretti Salon in Beverly Hills, where she got her hair done for a mere $1,500.  (!!!)



This is a high-end joint that has its very own, patented hairstyling method, called the Ferretti Technique.



Here's how the salon's website explains it:  "Each strand of hair has its own structure and movement . . . With sensibility and care, the designer treats each strand its own way, in order to achieve the most natural effect.



"This belief is why [our haircuts] are so subtly carved, to create a harmonious image each time.  A haircut that is like a work of art."



ANGELINA JOLIE and SALMA HAYEK are reportedly also fans of the Ferretti Technique.






A "Hunger Games" Parody is in the Works 

There's a "Hunger Games" parody in the works called "The Starving Games".  And if that title makes you groan, well, the movie itself isn't likely to get a better reaction out of you.



It's by the same guys who do all those AWFUL spoofs like "Date Movie", "Disaster Movie", "Epic Movie", "Meet the Spartans" and "Vampires Suck".



It's coming out November 8th, so that's two weeks before "The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire", which drops on November 22nd.  (Check out the trailer here.  WARNING!!!  There's an unedited S-word at about the 1:34 mark.)






John Williams Will Do the Music for "Star Wars 7" 



Here's good news for all you "Star Wars" fans:  JOHN WILLIAMS is returning to do the music for the upcoming seventh film in the series.  And we assume he'll do the same for the eighth and ninth as well.



Williams has done the music for all the "Star Wars" movies so far.  He even won an Oscar for the first one back in 1977.  (He's also won for "Fiddler on the Roof", "Jaws", "E.T." and "Schindler's List".)






"The Wolverine" Won the Weekend Box Office



"The Wolverine" was the only big new movie in theaters this weekend, giving it the easy win at the box office.  The movie made $55 million in its first three days of release, which is on the low end when compared to the other movies in the "X-Men" series.  (Here's a chart comparing them . . .)




Release Date

Opening Weekend

Total Gross


July 14th, 2000

$54.5 million

$157 million

"X2: X-Men United"

May 2nd, 2003

$85.6 million

$215 million

"X-Men: The Last Stand"

May 26th, 2006

$103 million

$243 million

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

May 1st, 2009

$85.1 million

$180 million

"X-Men: First Class"

June 3rd, 2011

$55.1 million

$146 million

"The Wolverine"

July 26th, 2013

$55 million

We'll see.



Here are this week's Top 10 movies:



1.  (NEW)  "The Wolverine", $55 million.


2.  "The Conjuring", $22.1 million.  Up to $83.9 million in its 2nd week.


3.  "Despicable Me 2", $16 million.  Up to $306 million in its 4th week.


4.  "Turbo", $13.3 million.  Up to $55.8 million in its 2nd week.


5.  "Grown Ups 2", $11.5 million.  Up to $102 million in its 3rd week.


6.  "Red 2", $9.4 million.  Up to $35.1 million in its 2nd week.


7.  "Pacific Rim", $7.5 million.  Up to $84 million in its 3rd week.


8.  "The Heat", $6.9 million.  Up to $141 million in its 5th week.


9.  "R.I.P.D.", $5.9 million.  Up to $24.4 million in its 2nd week.


10.  "Fruitvale Station", $4.7 million.  Up to $6.3 million in its first week of wide release, after two weeks of limited release.  It's about the guy who was accidentally shot in the back and killed by transit cops in Oakland, California back in 2009.






Since 2004, Every Top-Grossing Summer Movie Has Been a Sequel or a Spin-Off 



HIGHLIGHTS:  We often complain that the well of creativity in Hollywood has gone bone dry.  And here's proof:  Since 2004, the top-grossing movie of EVERY summer has been a sequel or a spin-off.  That year it was "Shrek 2".  This year, "Iron Man 3" is shaping up to be the top-grossing summer movie.



FULL STORY:  We often complain that the well of creativity in Hollywood has gone bone dry.  And here's proof:  Since 2004, the top-grossing movie of EVERY summer has been a sequel or a spin-off.  Check it out:

2004:  "Shrek 2"

2005:  "Star Wars:  Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith"

2006:  "Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Man's Chest"

2007:  "Spider-Man 3"

2008:  "The Dark Knight"



Continued . . .




Since 2004, Every Top-Grossing Summer Movie Has Been a Sequel or a Spin-Off  (continued) 

2009:  "Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen"

2010:  "Toy Story 3"

2011:  "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2"

2012:  "The Avengers"

2013:  "Iron Man 3"  (So far, anyway.)

In the decade before that, it only happened THREE times, with "Batman Forever", "Star Wars:  The Phantom Menace" and "Mission:  Impossible 2".  (Check out a graph here.)



TV QUICK HITS - 1 of 4

Again?  NBC Wants to Keep Jay Leno Around After Jimmy Fallon Takes Over 



HIGHLIGHTS:  Hey, guess what:  NBC is trying to figure out a way to keep JAY LENO around after he leaves "The Tonight Show".  There's no word on what may be on the table, but supposedly Jay has "a lot of ideas" of things he'd like to do.  Awesome . . . this is just the vote of confidence JIMMY FALLON needs!



FULL STORY:  Here's something that may sound STRANGELY familiar:  NBC is trying to figure out a way to keep JAY LENO around after he leaves "The Tonight Show" in February, when JIMMY FALLON is taking over.



A higher-up at NBC says, quote, "We've been having conversations, [and] talking about various ideas.  Nothing would make us happier than to have him stay on the network, and [Jay's] got a lot of ideas."



There's no word what any of those ideas may be, but regardless, it sure sounds a little ominous . . . especially since "keeping Jay Leno around" was the main reason for the mess with CONAN O'BRIEN in 2010.



(How about this:  Jay launches a new show . . . that's just like "The Tonight Show", but it airs in primetime, at 10:00 P.M. every night.  Then there's a brief, 30-minute break for local news.)



(Then the real "Tonight Show" airs with Jimmy Fallon behind the desk.)



(If this doesn't work out, Jay could always bring his show back into the "Tonight Show" timeslot, and Jimmy's show could just air after Jay, just like now.  And if Jimmy refuses, he can quit to go join TBS with Conan.)

TV QUICK HITS - 2 of 4

Phil Robertson Thinks He Won't Do "Duck Dynasty" Much Longer, But the Show Will Continue Without Him 



HIGHLIGHTS:  PHIL ROBERTSON . . . the patriarch of the family on "Duck Dynasty" . . . is planning on walking away from the show soon, but he doesn't think his departure would signal the end of its run.  He says, quote, "I think it'll go on without me."  He didn't say specifically when he might hang it up.



FULL STORY:  PHIL ROBERTSON . . . the patriarch of the family on "Duck Dynasty" . . . is planning on walking away from the show soon, but he doesn't think his departure would signal the end of its run.



"Parade" magazine recently asked Phil how long he wants to continue being involved with the show . . . and he said, quote, "Not long, but I think it'll go on without me."



Phil didn't elaborate . . . but we can assume that he'll still be heavily involved on Season Four, which premieres on August 14th.  (Since most, if not all, of it has probably already filmed.)



Phil's son WILLIE says the show has brought the family "a whole lot closer."  He adds, quote, "It's probably the opposite of most reality shows.  And nobody gets a big head because we're doing it all together."



Willie, who's the CEO of the family's duck call company, Duck Commander, says they thought the show would be good for business . . . and it has been.  They expect to sell more than 750,000 duck calls this year, which is up from 60,000 in 2011.



Continued . . .



TV QUICK HITS - 3 of 4

Phil Robertson Thinks He Won't Do "Duck Dynasty" Much Longer, But the Show Will Continue Without Him  (continued) 



Willie says he had just one concern:  The show's title.  He says, quote, "I thought, 'That sounds like a Chinese food place!'"






Is Tara Reid Not Being Invited Back for the "Sharknado" Sequel? 

HIGHLIGHTS:  Rumor has it TARA REID will NOT be invited back for the "Sharknado" sequel . . . but IAN ZIERING will be.  But Tara says that's NOT true.  By the way, about 200 Regal movie theaters nationwide will have midnight showings of the original "Sharknado" this Friday night.

FULL STORY:  Syfy has already started working on the upcoming "Sharknado" sequel, and sources tell TMZ that IAN ZIERING will be back, but he'll be the ONLY returning cast member.  In other words, TARA REID is getting a pink slip.

Tara played the estranged wife of Ian's character.  Her character survived a crazy attack when SHARKS BROKE INTO HER HOUSE.  There's no word why she isn't coming back . . . if this rumor is true.

Is Tara Reid Not Being Invited Back for the "Sharknado" Sequel?  (continued) 

For what it's worth, Tara Tweeted, quote, "There is no script for 'Sharknado 2' . . . Until I read it then I will make a decision, but everyone that's saying I got cut, that's not true.  Liars."

Ian and Tara both banked $50,000 for the first "Sharknado".  It's probably safe to assume that Ian would make a lot more for the sequel . . . but there's no official word on anything at this point.

By the way, Regal movie theaters will be hosting MIDNIGHT showings of "Sharknado" at about 200 of their theaters across the country THIS FRIDAY NIGHT.  Tickets will cost $12.50 each.

To see if your local theater is participating, hit up  (You can purchase your tickets now, here.)




Monday TV Reminders:



"God, Guns, and Automobiles" . . . 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. Eastern on History.  Mark offers his top three salesmen a chance to ride against him in a demolition derby contest, using a bunch of old trade-in cars that are going to be scrapped.



"The Glades" . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on A&E.  Marilu Henner and Corbin Bernsen guest star as Jim's parents.



"Hit the Floor" [1st Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on VH1.



"Fast N' Loud" [3rd Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Discovery.



"Street Outlaws" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on Discovery.



"Watch What Happens:  Live" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Bravo.  Gretchen Rossi ("The Real Housewives of Orange County") and Billy Eichner ("Funny or Die's Billy on the Street") are guests.





Early Morning Show Guests:


"The Today Show" - Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg and Edward James Olmos ("2 Guns"), Chloë Grace Moretz, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse ("Kick-Ass 2"), plus chefs Kelsey Nixon and Ming Tsai.


"Good Morning America" - No guests listed yet.  Check your local listings.


"CBS This Morning" - "New York Times" columnist John Tierney, "Glamour" magazine editor-in-chief Cindi Leive, and comedian Loni Love for her book"Love Him or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab: Hilarious Advice for Real Women".





Mid-Morning Show Guests:


"Live! With Kelly and Michael" - Chloë Grace Moretz ("Kick-Ass 2") and Mark Wahlberg ("2 Guns").


"The View" - "Community's" Jim Rash ("The Writers' Room").  Music Guest:  Emblem3.  Ana Navarro co-hosts.


"Rachael Ray" - Regis Philbin starts as Rachael's special guest co-host for the rest of the season.  Their guest is "Dirty Jobs'" Mike Rowe promoting Discovery Channel's "How Booze Built America".  (REPEAT)


"Kris" - Abstract artist Jess Black.  Music Guest:  Recycled Percussion.  "Dancing with the Stars'" Brooke Burke co-hosts.





This Afternoon On TV:


"The Real" - Gary Owen, plus Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne from TLC's "DC Cupcakes".


"Ellen DeGeneres" - Eric Dane ("Grey's Anatomy"), and the men from "Jersey Shore" . . . Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Vinny Guadagnino.  Music Guest:  OneRepublic.  (REPEAT)


"The Talk" - Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney ("King & Maxwell"), plus chef Rick Bayless ("Mexico: One Plate at a Time").


"Katie Couric" - "Modern Family's" Eric Stonestreet, "Jimmy Kimmel Live's" Jimmy Kimmel and sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez.  (REPEAT)


"Steve Harvey" - A man who was rescued from drowning by twin sisters meets them for the first time since the accident.  (REPEAT)


"Dr. Phil" - A woman who has given $175,000 to a man she's in an overseas relationship with, even though she's never met him in person.  (REPEAT)


"Dr. Oz Show" - "The Truth About Sleeping Pills: Are You Taking the Wrong Sleep Aid the Wrong Way?"  Dr. Oz explains how to use sleeping pills properly.


"Wendy Williams" - Famke Janssen ("The Wolverine") and Anthony Anderson (AOL's "Anthony Eats America").  (REPEAT)



(You can preview Tuesday's daytime schedule here.)




Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:



"Letterman" - Denzel Washington ("2 Guns").  Music Guest:  James McCartney.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Neil Patrick Harris ("The Smurfs 2") and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw.  Music Guest:  Pepper.



"The Tonight Show" - Kristen Bell ("House of Lies") and Jake Johnson ("New Girl").  Music Guest:  Phillip Phillips.



"Craig Ferguson" - Shark expert Jeff Kurr.  Music Guest:  Courtney Love.



"Jimmy Fallon" - Mark Wahlberg ("2 Guns") and Poppy Montgomery ("Unforgettable").  Music Guest:  The Virgins.



"Carson Daly" - David Duchovny ("Californication") and director Derek Cianfrance ("The Place Beyond the Pines").  Music Guest:  Gold Fields.  (REPEAT)



"Conan" - Eric McCormack ("Perception") and X Games skateboarder Mitchie Brusco.  Music Guest:  Franz Ferdinand.



"Jon Stewart" - Author Mark Leibovich ("This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral-Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking!-in America's Gilded Capital").  John Oliver guest hosts.



"The Colbert Report" - Music Guest:  The Lumineers.



"Chelsea Lately" - Lisa Kudrow ("Web Therapy").



Half of Us Have Had Sex in a Car at Least Once



According to a new survey, HALF of us have had sex in a car at least once.  And the average person has had sex in a car FIVE times.  The most popular spot to park the car for sex is some kind of lookout point, and a parking lot or garage was second.




The Greatest Food in Human History is . . . the McDonald's McDouble?


According to some economists, the greatest food in human history just might be . . . the McDonald's McDouble.  There's never been such a cheap way to get calories, protein, calcium, fiber, and a few vegetables.  The entire world could survive forever just eating McDoubles.  The runner-up pick for the best food in human history was . . . boiled lentils.



(New York Post)



Drinking Lots of Coffee Cuts Your Risk of Suicide in Half?

  I'm not sure you needed ANOTHER reason to drink coffee . . . your addiction will make sure you never, ever stop . . . but here ya go.

According to a new study out of the Harvard School of Public Health, drinking coffee will make sure you never want to KILL YOURSELF.

The study found that adults who drink two to four cups of coffee per day are HALF as likely to commit suicide as people who don't drink coffee.

It's because coffee acts as a mild ANTIDEPRESSANT, by triggering your brain to release serotonin and dopamine . . . which are the chemicals that give you a feeling of well being.

The authors of the study DID say that coffee alone probably isn't enough if you're seriously depressed.  But for the rest of us, yeah, coffee is enough. 

(Raw Story)


The Top Eight Lies People Tell Themselves


Here are some of the most common lies people tell themselves.  "He or she misses me as much as I miss them" . . . "I'm smarter and better than those guys, they're just lucky" . . . "Life is going to change if I just wait, I don't have to do anything to make it happen" . . . "I'm happy alone" . . . and "I'll start Monday."

Here's a list of eight of the most common lies people tell themselves.  Check 'em out . . .

1.  He or she misses me just as much as I miss them.


2.  I'm smarter and better than those guys, they're just lucky.


3.  Life is going to change if I just wait, I don't have to do anything to make it happen.


4.  I don't need a significant other, I'm happy alone.


5.  I'm trying my hardest.


6.  I'll start or quit on Monday.


7.  Everything will get better once I . . .


8.  I'll get up early and do it tomorrow.  (Reddit)

The Top Ten Cities With the Worst Drivers . . . and Five Are in Florida

There's a new study out on the WORST DRIVERS in America, and one thing's clear:  If you're in Florida and somehow no one shoots you, they'll probably end up running you over.



HALF of the 10 worst driving cities in the U.S. are in Florida, including the number one city, which is . . . Miami.



The rankings are based on several factors, including insurance claims, fatal accidents, drunk driving deaths, and pedestrian injuries.



There are a couple problems though:  The data isn't consistently available for every city, especially smaller ones.  Also, they used Allstate's insurance data, and they don't insure in Massachusetts, so Boston wasn't eligible.  And those people drive like lunatics.



But still, it's about as thorough of a look at the worst drivers in the country as you're going to get.



The top 10 worst driving cities are:  Miami . . . Philadelphia . . . Hialeah, Florida . . . Tampa . . . Baltimore . . . New Orleans . . . Orlando . . . Fort Lauderdale . . . Houston . . . and Providence, Rhode Island.  (Slate)



A Woman Dies in a Car Accident . . . When Her 1915 Model T Flips Over


On Friday morning, a 51-year-old woman died in a car accident . . . when her 1915 Ford Model T flipped over.  She was participating in a tour with a Model T Club, and pulled over in Utah to let cars pass.  But one of the wheels went off the pavement, the wooden spokes separated, the car rolled over, and it didn't have rollover protection or modern seatbelts.

A spokesman for the Model T club says they're devastated . . . and this is the first accident they've ever had on one of their tours.  (Huffington Post) 

The National Debt Stacked in Five Dollar Bills Would Almost Reach the Moon

The national debt is now just over $16.7 TRILLION.   Which means we're ABOUT to hit the point where you could stack it up in FIVE dollar bills and reach the moon.  To hit the moon with fives, we only need to blow through another $177 billion or so.



A Couple in Massachusetts Throws Away a Lottery Ticket, Then Digs Through the Trash to Find It . . . and Wins $1 Million

Earlier this month, a couple in Massachusetts bought a $5 scratch-off lottery ticket, but forgot it in their grocery bags and threw it out.  When they remembered it the next day, they went DIGGING THROUGH THEIR TRASH for it.  They found the ticket, a little bit tattered and covered in garbage . . . and ended up winning the grand prize of $1 MILLION.

 (Boston Globe) 

 Celebrity Birthdays...

Genesis Rodriguez - 26  (Venezuelan minx from Will Ferrell's Spanish language comedy, "Casa de mi Padre".  She also has a memorable scene in "Man on a Ledge" where she strips down to a pink bra and panties.  Enjoy that here.)



Josh Radnor - 39  (Ted on "How I Met Your Mother".)



Allison Mack - 31  (Chloe on "Smallville".)



Danger Mouse - 36  (Gnarls Barkley genius.)



Wanya Morris - 40  (Boyz II Men)



Wil Wheaton - 41  (Hairless Wesley Crusher on "Star Trek:  The Next Generation", and hairless Gordie in "Stand By Me".  He's also guest starred on "Big Bang Theory" six times . . . as himself.)



RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY! - 45  (Cute kid from the Jack-in-the-Box commercials back in the '70s.)



Martina McBride - 47  (Delicious country minx.)



Alexandra Paul - 50  ("Baywatch" babe.)



Patti Scialfa - 60  (Mrs. Bruce Springsteen.)



Tim Gunn - 60  (Fashion consultant who stars in every single series ever shown on Bravo.)


Geddy Lee - 60  (RUSH's smug singer / bassist.)



Ken Burns - 60  (He's the documentary-maker who put you to sleep with "The War", "The Civil War", "Baseball" and "Jazz" on PBS.)



Marilyn Quayle - 64  (Married to a genius.)



ROZ KELLY! - 70  (The super-sexy Pinky Tuscadero on "Happy Days".)



Tony Sirico - 71  (Paulie Walnuts on "The Sopranos".  He actually did time in prison for a couple of stickups back in the '60s.  True.)



Elizabeth "Sweet Liddy" Dole - 77  (Receiver of Bob Dole's Viagra-rejuvenated chonie monster.)



Peter Jennings - Would have been 75 - (1938 - 2005)



Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 32 days until Labor Day Weekend

• 41 days until Grandparents Day

• 52 days to Talk Like a Pirate Day

• 79 days until Boss's Day

• 1,271 days left of "Hope and Change"

242 years ago . . . in 1771 - The delicious after-dinner drink, AQUA TUFANIA, was banned in England.  It was a poisonous concoction sold to husbands who wanted to kill their wives or enemies.  MADAM TUFANIA, the French woman who invented the drink, was publicly STRANGLED.




123 years ago . . . in 1890 - VINCENT VAN GOGH died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Auvers, France.




47 years ago . . . in 1966 - BOB DYLAN was injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in Woodstock, New York.  He broke several vertebrae, and suffered amnesia and mild paralysis . . . and his voice and music were never the same.




39 years ago . . . in 1974 - Super-sexy chubby MAMA CASS ELLIOTT of the MAMAS & PAPAS died of a heart attack . . . NOT from choking on the ham sandwich found next to her very strong bed.  (Morbid Mama Cass Fun-Fact:  She died in the same apartment as KEITH MOON of THE WHO . . . owned by brilliant singer-songwriter HARRY NILSSON!)




32 years ago . . . in 1981 - PRINCE CHARLES and LADY DIANA were married before 2,500 guests at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.  The fairy-tale wedding was watched by 700 MILLION viewers around the world.  Charles and Diana were divorced on August 28th, 1996.


30 years ago . . . in 1983 - The arousing film "Private School", starring FABULOUS PHOEBE CATES, opened.  This movie features one of the most amazing nude scenes of all time, in which nubile young actress Betsy Russell rode a galloping horse TOPLESS.




18 years ago . . . in 1995 - "Dreaming Of You", by slain Tejano star SELENA, debuted at #1 on the charts some four months after her death.




17 years ago . . . in 1996 - 35-year-old CARL LEWIS shocked the world by taking the Gold medal in the long jump at the Atlanta Olympics.  It was his NINTH Gold, and it made him one of only two athletes ever to win the same event at four straight Olympic Games.




13 years ago . . . in 2000 - BRAD PITT married JENNIFER ANISTON.  Today would have been their 13th anniversary.  (Their divorce was finalized in October of 2005.  Angelina Jolie gave birth to Brad's daughter Shiloh in May of 2006.  Read into that what you will.)



Seven years ago . . . in 2006 - PAMELA ANDERSON married KID ROCK.  They divorced four months later.