Leave it to Reddit yet again to stun us with the truth. This time the question posed was things that you've heard a kid say that were wise or profound...and GO!

1.  "My little sister gave me a juice box as I was packing to move out and said, 'No one is really a grown up.  They just act old because they have to.'"

2.  "I saw a two- or three-year-old girl crying at the zoo.  She said she was tired.  Her young brother said, 'Don't worry, life's all about feeling tired, then feeling happy, then feeling tired, then feeling happy!'  Then he gave her his granola bar."

3.  "I told a kid he just said a made-up word.  He said, 'All words are made-up at first.'"

4.  "When my uncle was dying, his son asked, 'Does everyone die?'  We told him, 'Eventually, yes.'  He said, nonchalantly, 'Well if we're all going to die, why are we so afraid of it?'"



5.  "My friend's kid explained the Incredible Hulk to me.  'He's a big green monster and when he needs to get things done, he turns into a scientist.'  That blew my mind."



6.  "At my little cousin's birthday, someone said to him, 'You're getting old.'  He replied, 'I've been getting old since I was born.'"



7.  "At a bonfire, I mentioned to my friend's son it smelled like my childhood.  He said to me, 'And now it will smell like my childhood when I grow up.'"



8.  "I saw a parent handing kids a few coins at an arcade, saying the usual parent thing, 'Don't spend it all!'  One kid looked at the coins and said, 'But all you can do with money is spend it.'"



9.  "A friend's kindergartener had to answer the question, 'What is special about me?'  He wrote, 'I am no one else.'"



10.  "An old man had just lost his wife, and the little boy who lived next door went and sat on his lap.  When I asked what he said to the man, the kid said, 'Nothing, I just helped him cry.'"