Have you gotten your man a Valentine's Day gift yet? Or maybe you want to hint something at your girlfriend or wife.

Reddit had a discussion as to what gifts men actually want for Valentine's Day so take note ladies because these are the top 10. And, yes, men still want sex.

  1. "A couples' deep tissue massage . . . about an hour in the steam room . . . ice cold beer . . . a medium-rare porterhouse, baked potato, mushroom, salad dinner . . . and relax to an action movie of my choice."
  2. Experiences over material objects such as homemade dinner or a road trip somewhere.
  3. "A Darth Vader onesie."
  4. Things he'll use (sunglasses, wallet, coffee cup, etc)
  5. Something that gets him closer to his hobbies or dreams (example: sailing)
  6. "The greatest gift is that my old lady and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day."
  7. "Enthusiastic oral sex."
  8. "Kinky sex"
  9. Tickets to his favorite team
  10. "A day with my girlfriend alone, no clocks, no cellphones, only her . . . and sex."

Some other ones that made the list which are actually good ideas is smoked meat, a back massage, play video games with him.

What did you get your significant other or planning on getting?