You're gonna love me for this blog that highlights the ten gifts every newlywed loves to receive on their big day!

Imagine adding up how much you've spent on the gifts you've purchased over the years.  Have you ever followed-up with anyone to find out if they're really using it?  I have often wondered if my gift was 're-gifted' to another couple or returned.
Sure, you go to the stores your love bird friends and/or family have registered at, but oftentimes they still don't use what you've gotten for them.
Now you don't have to think twice thanks to The Stir!  Here's the magical list of ten items married couples will love you for --and they're pretty basic gifts!

  1. Luggage
  2. A tool kit
  3. Good knives (make sure they're the best!)
  4. A wedding print ( a great 'post' present, if you run out of time to get a gift before the big day!)
  5. Bedding
  6. Nice towels (don't be cheap, alright?)
  7. A beautiful bowl (ugly will NOT do!)
  8. A Cuisinart
  9. A Crock Pot
  10. Cooking classes for two!