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The Top 10 Things That Cause Arguments at the Office
In a perfect wold we'd get along with everyone we work with; but besides our families, our co-workers are the people we see on a regular basis. So, you're bound to bump heads every now and then.
The Daily Mail reports on a poll, of 2,000 workers, that found the top 10 th…
What 10 Bras You Should Own And Why?
Bras are needless to say the biggest staple in a woman's wardrobe, and for some the most important!
We came across this list that enlisted fit experts from Cosabella, Negative, and ThirdLove to break down the 10 bra styles every woman should own...
10 Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Love To Get!
You're gonna love me for this blog that highlights the ten gifts every newlywed loves to receive on their big day!
Imagine adding up how much you've spent on the gifts you've purchased over the years.  Have you ever followed-up with anyone to find out if they're rea…