In a perfect wold we'd get along with everyone we work with; but besides our families, our co-workers are the people we see on a regular basis. So, you're bound to bump heads every now and then.

The Daily Mail reports on a poll, of 2,000 workers, that found the top 10 things that cause office arguments. What grinds your gears? Too hot, too cold? You're part of the majority of people (70%) who argue over the thermostat. The poll found that temperature is the number one thing that causes arguments amongst co-workers.

Heymo Vehse/ThinkStock

...more than a third of people argue with colleagues at least once a month about the issue, and one in eight have even admitted to secretly adjusting the thermostat."

I've got a solution for you: invest in a blanket or Snuggie. 

This is the full list of things that causes arguments at the office:

  1. The temperature
  2. Eating smelly food
  3. Being too loud on phone calls (loud music, TV)
  4. Making a mess
  5. Making the coffee
  6. Not getting credit or paid for all the hours you work
  7. People stealing food from the fridge
  8. Having conversations when people are trying to work
  9. Lighting in the office
  10. Hogging shared spaces like the conference room or the break room

The funny thing is all of the things people fight about at work has nothing to do with work.

What caused an argument at your office?