Casey Anthony Opens Up About Daughter's Death Since Her Trial
It has been six years since Casey Anthony was found innocent for the murder of her two year old daughter Caylee.  Caylee went missing nine years ago and Casey still says she doesn't know what happened to her daughter.
Anthony, who is now 30, was known as the "most hated mom in Amer…
Michigan Is Better Than Ohio
If you currently live in Michigan or have ever lived in the state, then you know Michigan is better than Ohio, unless you are an Ohioan.  Now, there is a study to support our opinion.
U.S. News ranked the best states in America based on many data points including Health Care, Education, Crime, e…
City Of Grand Rapids Hosting A Job Fair
The city of Grand Rapids is expected to lose around 300 employees to retirement in the next three years.  There will be a wide variety of job opportunities available.  Among these jobs are snow plow drivers to those who fix them.
Some of these jobs will be entry level, whereas others will r…

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