A familiar to many in West Michigan over the past three years has announced that their leaving Fox 17.

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Fox 17 evening Metrologist Haleigh Vaughn has done her final forecast and is saying goodbye to her viewers and co workers for a relatable reason.

Credit: Meteorologist Haleigh Vaughn via Facebook
Credit: Meteorologist Haleigh Vaughn via Facebook

Here's Why Meteorologist Haleigh Vaughn Is Leaving Fox 17

Haleigh Vaughn took to social media to let viewers know it was her last day and why she was leaving her TV home for the past 3 years.


Today is my final day at FOX 17 News. Thank you — from the bottom of my heart — for welcoming me into your homes the past three years.

For those of you who do not know, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this past year.

That diagnosis forced me and allowed me to reevaluate my priorities. I’ve decided to step away from the news industry to focus more on my health and my family.

Being the evening meteorologist for FOX 17 News has brought me unbelievable joy. Thank you for trusting me and supporting me — that is not something I take lightly.

I grew up in West Michigan, so being on-air during the same time as WWMT's Keith Thompson, Wood TV's Ellen Bacca, WZZM TV's George Lessens, and Wood TV's Bill Steffen was a dream come true.

To my FOX 17 coworkers that quickly became family, I will miss you beyond words. I will also miss sharing the daily forecasts with you, West Michigan. But I leave you in the incredible hands of Kevin Craig, Reece Cole, and Candace Monacelli.


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I'm bummed that Haleigh is leaving Fox 17 but I'm so happy for her for doing what is best for her and her family.

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