When you think of your ultimate dream home, what does it consist of?

According to the Daily Mail, a survey by a real estate agency found that the number one thing people want in their dream home is a bathroom connected to every bedroom. 48% of people chose an attached bathroom. I guess the definition of a "dream" to people would be not having to share a bathroom.

These are the 11 things people want in their dream homes, in order:

  1. Bathroom attached to every bedroom (48%)
  2. Walk-in Closet (45%)
  3. Balcony (43%)
  4. Relaxation Room (39%)
  5. Library (35%)
  6. Gym (32%)
  7. Movie Theater (29%)
  8. Wine Cellar (25%)
  9. Aquarium (25%)
  10. Bowling Alley (20%)
  11. Nightclub (17%)

The survey also found that most people would prefer to live by a beach or in a city. Also, the majority of people wouldn't spend more than $4 million on their dream home.

Me, personally, I want a wrap-around porch and I'd want my shower to feel like I was in a rainforest.

What would be in your dream home?