It was a very scary day in Grand Rapids History 11-years ago. Multiple killings and a wild police chase with a killer on the loose. It seemed like it was out of a Hollywood movie, but it was real as the Grand Rapids Police were chasing Rodrick Shonte Dantzler. Dantzler had killed his wife and a daughter along with five others.

This was the chase recorded by Grand Rapids Police dashcam's as seen on Spike TV. This is so compelling as the narrator describes every chilling moment.


WOW! Takes your breath away, doesn't it. It was somewhat of an OJ chase, but so much more violent.

Former Grand Rapids Police Chief at the time, Kevin Belk,said:

“In our history I don't know of a day that was more violent.”

Fox17, in a story from last year, reported police said the 34-year-old Dantzler was high on cocaine when he shot and killed his wife, Jennifer Heeren, their 12-year-old daughter Kamrie, and Jennifer’s parents Thomas and Rebecca.

Then he went to a second home off Plainfield Avenue, killing his ex-girlfriend, Kimberlee Emkens, her sister, Amanda and her 10-year-old daughter, Marissa.

This all happened before police even got word that all of it was unfolding. And, it wasn't until Dantzler opened fire at several people in downtown Grand Rapids that police finally spotted him, and the chase began. After he did crash his car, he actually did not take his own life. He ran into a home off Rickman Avenue, taking three people inside as hostages. How scary is that? Do you remember how glued to our TV's we were?


Dantzler released one woman after police agreed to give him Gatorade and cigarettes. Then, with the home surrounded, Dantzler took his own life that night and the other hostages were left unharmed.

What a tragic and horrific day in Grand Rapids history. It's day for those of us who lived through it, will never be forgotten, with the pain and sadness remaining with the family to this day.


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