Early Saturday morning, local ArtPrize artist Kenn Vidro made a post on his Facebook page that one of his paintings on display had been stolen.

The painting was taken sometime after midnight on Saturday and was one of five that are hanging on the outside of Mojo's Dueling Piano Bar and Restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids.  Kenn posted about the stolen painting on his Facebook page when he learned that it was stolen Saturday morning.

But, by Sunday evening Kenn announced that the painting was recovered by the Grand Rapids Police and is now hanging back at its original location at Mojo's.

The story of how the painting was found is actually pretty crazy.  It turns out that someone living on the Westside of town had a party on Saturday night and when he awoke Sunday morning, the painting was in his home.  He claims that it was someone that attended his party that must have stolen the painting and brought it there.  Once he woke up in the morning and saw the local news about the missing painting, he called the police and said that the painting was in his home.

The police picked Kenn up and brought him to the home to recover the painting.  According to Kenn, it only had a few scrapes and a light gloss of "Coors-Lite" on one side.  After recovering the artwork, Kenn cleaned it up a little bit and returned it to its home at Mojo's for the duration of ArtPrize.

You can see the painting in person at Mojo's or check it out on the ArtPrize website.

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