The fallout from Holland's gay rights no-vote continues.

Last week, Holland City Council defeated a proposal that would add sexual orientation to the city's civil rights policy. The amendment was brought to the city council to protect gay citizens against discrimination, and was defeated in a 5-to-4 split decision.

Since then, a Facebook group called "I'm Boycotting Holland Until Love is =" was started as a reaction to the vote. Over the last week, its membership has reached over 2,200 people.

Their objective is  to get enough attention to generate a re-vote by damaging the city's business and tourism with as many people as they can get to boycott.

WZZM 13 News spoke to several business owners in Holland who are condemning the movement while others understand where the group is coming from.

A separate group of Holland citizens who originally brought the issue to city council are fighting to get gay rights back on the ballot. So far, nothing has been announced for the fall ballot. They would have to collect 1,310 signatures by August 16th.

Check out the video from WZZM 13.