The intersection of 44th and Ivanrest in Grandville was the scene of some interesting drama Sunday afternoon.

24 Hour News 8 got a call about a woman protesting with a sign that read 'Thank your mom today for not being gay.' They were also sent a photo of a man standing next to the woman with a sign that read 'Thank your mom if you're not a bigot! Judge not.'

When cameras started to roll, another woman approached the woman with the anti-gay sign and threw a slushie at her, then threw up both middle fingers, and walked away.

Police then showed up to make sure things were back to peaceful, and the protest continued.

Another man then showed up with a sign that said 'F%&# her, I disagree,' while others voiced their opinions from their cars. (You can see all of this in the video above.)

Talk about things escalating. I get this is a hot button for a lot of people, and in no way do I agree with that woman's sign. I believe she was out of line, but was exercising her rights, I respect that. But come on, throwing a slushie and reacting like children doesn't say much for some of the other people involved in this.

This whole thing reminds me of one of the comment threads you might read on Facebook. You know, those threads that make you want to slam your head into your desk.

Nothing was accomplished here, on either side, except for a display of ignorance.

Tip of the hat to the first guy who came out to protest her sign in a peaceful adult way.