Someone took some 8mm footage of Mackinac Island back in 1971. After 52 years (at least) it still looks the same.

My first foray to Mackinac Island was when my dad ventured out of the house with the some of the 8 kids in my family. probably to give my mom a breather.

It was so traumatic for him and us, we never went on a family trip again. Ever.

But despite the drawbacks, I do have fond memories of that trip: the smells of the fudge being made, the smells generated by the horses, biking around the island with my sisters, and the guides wearing Revolutionary War era garb. (Or was it the War 0f 1812? I forget.)

The film begins with the camera person taking a ride on one of the horse drawn carriages around the Island. The only thing that would date the footage is the '70s fashions worn by the people visiting during the height of the tourist season, mid-summer.

Later, we get shots of the Arnold Line ferries pulling into the dock. While there are are hydrofoil ferries now, I believe some of the old Arnold line 'slow boats' still operate.

There's some great people watching opportunities as you get a great long shot of tourists departing the ferry terminal. The first thought that crossed my mind is that most of these people are probably dead now.

At the two minute mark, we find out that the camera person is a man, as he spends a long time scanning a well endowed tourist walking down the street. At about 4:30, he also gets a quick shot of some bikini clad swimmers.

And then there are some shots of all the touristy stops on the island, fudge shops, candle makers, Sugarloaf and, of course Arch Rock. The camera man seems to love water craft as well as female tourists, as there are some tight shots of sailboats in the Island's harbor.

Enjoy a trip back 'Somewhere In Time' to Mackinac Island, '70s style.

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