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A list of 24 stars and their worst movies includes the Jennifer Aniston classic "Leprechaun" and the Angelina Jolie blockbuster "Cyborg 2" . . . both of which were released in 1993.  For some reason, George Clooney's worst movie was NOT "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" . . . it was "Red Surf".

Angelina Jolie:  "Cyborg 2"  (1993)


Brad Pitt:  "Cutting Class"  (1989)


Gwyneth Paltrow:  "Hush"  (1998)


Ryan Reynolds:  "Coming Soon"  (2000)


Daniel Craig:  "A Kid in King Arthur's Court"  (1995)


Johnny Depp:  "Private Resort"  (1985)


Eva Longoria:  "Carlita's Secret"  (2004)


Ben Affleck:  "The Third Wheel"  (2004)

Alec Baldwin:  "Suburban Girl"  (2008)


Jessica Biel:  "Powder Blue"  (2009)


Megan Fox:  "Holiday in the Sun"  (2001)  (This was an Olsen Twins movie.)


George Clooney:  "Red Surf"  (1990)  (Not "Return of the Killer Tomatoes???)


Jake Gyllenhaal:  "Highway"  (2002)


Matthew McConaughey:  "Surfer, Dude"  (2008)


Katherine Heigl:  "Caffeine"  (2007)


Christian Bale:  "Equilibrium"  (2002)


Leonardo DiCaprio:  "Don's Plumb"  (2001)


Jennifer Aniston:  "Leprechaun"  (1993)


Paul Rudd:  "Gen-Y Cops"  (2002)


Sandra Bullock:  "Fire on the Amazon"  (1993)


Meg Ryan:  "My Mom's New Boyfriend"  (2008)


Reese Witherspoon:  "Overnight Delivery"  (1998)


Sylvester Stallone:  "Eye See You"  (2002)


Gary Oldman:  "Tiptoes"  (2004)