Being Michiganders, we have our own slang, but being from Grand Rapids we are special because we have our very own "language."

Here are some that made the list of '29 Words That Mean Something Entirely Different in Grand Rapids' :


What it means everywhere else: Rushing water in a river that makes whitewater rafting really exciting/terrifying.

What it means in Grand Rapids: The name of your city, even though there are no rapids to be found. Luckily, Grand Rapids Whitewater is working on a solution to that by planning to restore the rapids to the Grand River.


What it means everywhere else: The season that doesn’t know when it’s not wanted, usually from December to February.

What it means in Grand Rapids: The season that doesn’t know when it’s not wanted that will stick around for nearly six months.

-Beer City, USA:

What it means everywhere else: A beer poll that picks a city to name as the best and biggest beer loving city each year.

What it means in Grand Rapids: Home. Two years in a row. In 2014 the Beer City USA poll was retired, so that means Grand Rapids will be Beer City USA forevermore.

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