Sure, Holland is known for its tulips. 5 million tulips! But when the weather turns cold and the colors fade, there are plenty of reasons to visit Holland.

Hollands Snowmelt System

For 30 years, Holland's snowmelt system, the largest municipally-owned snowmelt system in North America, keeps downtown Holland sidewalks and streets snow and ice-free all winter long.

City of Holland

By using waste heat from power generation, water is heated and circulated through 190 miles of plastic tubing underneath the streets and sidewalks. You can spend the holidays in Holland and stroll cobblestone heated streets while being sure-footed.

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Hollands Great American Main Street

The National Trust of Historic Preservation has named Holland with having a Great American Main Street. The downtown area is full of unique shops, galleries, and breweries. Many of the buildings have been restored while maintaining the Victorian-era streetlamps.

City of Holland

Santa's presence on top of a sparkling fire truck during the Parade of Lights adds to the magic. Parade of Lights will take place on November 30 at 6:30 pm. Sinterklaas leads a procession of children through the Kerstmarkt. USA Today named open-air Kerstmarkt as one of the "10 Best Holiday Markets".

Hollands Outdoor Space

Lake-effect snow won't stop the fun. It can add to it. Holland has over 4,000 acres of parks and trails. You can try cross-country skiing through hemlocks or stand-up paddleboarding through the craggy ice formations.

City of Holland

You can whip down a lighted sled hill or wander through wooded glens and climb over dunes. Holland offers three nature centers and plenty of space to hike, mountain bike, or have a fat-tire adventure.

Get boot-strapped and ready to Go Dutch, in Holland.

Winter in Holland, MI