So, I went to lunch this afternoon after cashing that small lifeline that I normally get on the 15th and 30th that we call a check.  I took my boss out to lunch, and before you think it, it was not to brown nosing, but to pay back for lunch he bought a couple days ago.  Lunch set me back about 20 bucks, nothing too expensive, but still a decent amount of cheddar in this ever-pathetic economy.

It was a buffet style establishment, so we had to leave our table to get the food I was drooling over the whole way there.  After loading up the plate, I headed back to the table to enjoy the food that still has me stuffed as we speak.  When I got back to the table there was a $20 bill sitting on the table.  I asked if my boss left, in attempt to not let me pay him back for the meal.  He denied it and said maybe it was a secret Santa, maybe just a nice person, or maybe someone accidentally left it.

I thought about asking the people who worked there if  they knew what was going on, but they all seemed pretty busy.  Plus, you never know what someone would do to score a 20, so it was better I just keep it...for now.  It seemed like a pretty nice thing to come back to a table and have money sitting there that was not there before.  I obviously think I should pay it forward after finding something unexpected, after all is that not what the Holidays are about, right?