Dating isn't exactly the same as it used to be and we can thank the Internet for that. A lot of people are meeting their significant others or going on dates with people they met online.

There are some obvious things we know not to do when dating someone but in a world of online dating there are some things to keep in mind that may turn the other person off. BroBible put together a list of the five annoying habits people do online based on a survey from a dating website.

These are the 5 annoying dating habits people want stopped in 2016:

  1. Ghosting - This is where you disappear on someone out of nowhere after you've already been talking/dating for a while.
  2. Social Media Stalking
  3. Sending unsolicited naked photos (please no penis pics)
  4. Not responding to someone's message at all
  5. Leading people on

If you or someone you know is in the online dating world keep these tips in mind.