Summer is here and throwing a backyard cookout is the thing to do!  It’s also easy to go over budget, and before long what was going to be a small last minute cook out becomes a $300 night.  Here’s some ideas to help you save money.   ((ps I’ve officially become my dad, always looking for ways to save a few bucks.)) US News came up with 5 ideas to save money while entertaining.

  • Don’t just serve meat. Grill some corn, grill potatoes, cut up some watermelon, and grab some pop-ice.  Also think about doing kabobs, your meat will go further and people will be equally full with the vegetable fill.
  • Drop the drink cost. Offer tea, water and maybe a few soda selections, and have everyone else bring what they want to drink.  If you’re supplying the food, this is an easy ask.
  • Don’t go for steaks... if you do, go for the cheaper cut and find a good marinade to help make them more tender. You can go for cheaper frozen chicken as well, and don’t forget the hotdogs, in a backyard, most people will enjoy a hotdog.
  • Most people also have no problems bringing a side dish or desert, hanging out and having someone else grill the meat is a huge bonus to the backyard bbq. Don’t under value the role you’re already playing!
  • Know how many peeps are coming over, this way you minimize leftovers and possible food waste. Send out Evites or Facebook invites so you know who to expect.