Are you the type that HATES seeing yourself in photos? I was poking around a bit, and found some pretty simple ways to take a better photo.


1. Show off your left side

A study, by Wake Forest University, took left and right side face photo of some volunteers. Then they had a group of men and women rate the photos. It turns out the left side photos were rated more attractive than the right side. Researchers say people favored the left side because it shows more emotion and intensity than the right.


2. Don't face the camera head on

If you face the camera head on you will look bigger. Instead, turn to the side. A 3/4 turn will make you look 10 pounds thinner


3. Do the 'turtle' to get rid of the double chin

It's suggested that you look up to the ceiling for a few seconds because it will stretch the muscles under your chin.


4. Don't hold the camera above your head if you're taking a 'selfie.'

Photographers say it makes you look very small


5. Don't make a 'duck face.'

I don't think I have to explain...