Man shop lifts with 6-year-old daughter by his side, girl is way more truthful than her father.

First off, people never fail to amaze me, shoplifting jewelry and toys at Walmart while your 6-year-old daughter tells you to stop? Classy!

The incident happened in Wisconsin, where a 31-year-old man broke into a jewelry case and stole some earrings. Loss prevention officers were nearby when they heard the man's daughter tell him to put the earrings back. Video shows the man then walking to the toy department, with his daughter, and concealing toys into his shorts.

The man was stopped by security as he left the store, and when police showed up his truthful daughter had more to say.

They asked the man how he and his daughter got to the store, since he had no license. He told police they walked, while the 6-year-old pointed out the car they drove in.

WISN reports the man will be charged with theft and bail-jumping.

Moral of the story: if you're going to be shady, leave your kids at home.