How does a cat from Michigan randomly find its way to Florida? Did it walk? Did it hitch a ride? What kind of adventure did this little kitty have? We may never know.

WXYZ reports that the male cat was taken to a vet in Tampa by a woman who thought the cat was a stray after it had been following her. When staff scanned the cat for a microchip, it came back that he was from Dearborn and named Daisy-Duck Bandit.

Daisy-Duck went missing in October and his owners had no idea where he went but they definitely didn't expect him to end up in Florida. One can only assume he was escaping a Michigan winter.

Daisy's owner set up a GoFundMe page to bring him back via cargo and was able to surpass her goal.

Let this also be a reminder to ALWAYS microchip your pets!

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